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Екатерина Дафовска
The recognition of Sofia as a European Capital of Sport will contribute physical activity to become a priority in people’s lives.

- Ekaterina Dafovska, Olympic champion in biathlon

Тереза Маринова
The fact that Sofia was designated European Capital of Sport obliges us to continue the initiative and the ambitious program even after 2018

- Tereza Marinova, Olympic champion in athletics

Стивън Де Майер
I am glad to see how Sofia uses and builds on the experience that we gained with Antwerp as a European Capital of Sport.

- Steven De Meyer, Coordinator Antwerp 2013 European Capital of Sport

Таня Богомилова
Sofia 2018 is a great opportunity to provide more options for everyone to practice sport regularly, to be active and healthy.

- Tanya Bogomilova, Olympic champion in swimming

“The idea of “Sofia – European Capital of Sport” is to find a place for every citizen to practice sport.”

- Nina Chaneva, Municipal Councilor, Member of the Commission for Children, Youth and Sport

Sofia deserves much more investment in sports events and infrastructure as conditions to improve healthy lifestyles.

- Yordanka Blagoeva, Former world record holder in high jump

We are determined to ensure sustainability and to keep promoting Sofia as a European capital of sport.

- Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor Sofia

Sofia is one of the most sporting cities in Europe with its experience and credibility in organizing major championships and tournaments.

- Stefka Kostadinova, President the Bulgarian Olympic Committee and Olympic champion in athletics

Sport contributes to good health and self-confidence, Sofia – European Capital of Sport 2018 will help to improve the quality of life in the capital.

- Rumyana Neykova, Olympic champion in rowing (Български) гребане

Andrei Kovachev
We are motivated to invest in sports infrastructure of the Bulgarian capital.

- Andrey Kovatchev, Member of European Parliament, President ACES Group Consultatif Européen (GCE)

10 Reasons Sofia 2018

  1. 1. Love sport, love Sofia!

    Sofia’s residents love sport and their city, and are eager to develop it as a modern, dynamic and beautiful capital.
  2. 2. Multiple options for sport

    The city has many stadiums, tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, playgrounds and sites offering a variety of options for sport and healthy lifestyle.
  3. 3. Among the greenest cities

    Sofia is among the greenest cities on the continent, with dozens of parks and gardens with numerous opportunities for sport.
  4. 4. Many sporting events

    An extensive program of sporting events provides more than 90 sport competitions and fests each year, more national, regional and  local competitions.
  5. 5. Investments in infrastructure

    Sofia Municipality invests over 7 million BGN in 2015 for the construction of sports facilities: 100 km bike lanes, two sports halls, ice arena in “Mladost”, multifunctional complex in “Vazrazhdane” Park , tennis tables in the parks, 27 outdoor fitness playgrounds, etc.
  6. 6. EU Presidency

    Bulgaria took successfully the EU presidency in the firs half of 2018 and during a period of six months Sofia determined the main directions of development of the Union.
  7. 7. Vitosha Mountain

    Vitosha and Sofia are an unique combination “city in the mountains and mountain in the city”, no other European capital has such a natural resource.
  8. 8. Successful host of elite tournaments

    Sofia was a successful host and an excellent organizer of hundreds of world and European championships and cups in great number of sports and disciplines.
  9. 9. Sport – accessible to people

    The most important in the choice of Sofia for European Capital is the social factor – sport to reach people, active lifestyle to become a habit for everyone.
  10. 10. One of the fastest growing cities in the world

    Sofia is one of the fastest growing cities in the world according to the rankings of Global Metro Monitor and JPMorgan Chase.

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